The ITIL framework is used in IT services for delivery IT services and is known as a best practice approach for both internal and external IT suppliers. One can be certified by ITIL and there are opportunities for benchmarking. Best Praksis AS has experience from a larger group of ITILs as a common principle for organizing hundreds of IT deliveries.

Here are briefs about ITIL’s main components (Source: Wikipedia); 8 sets and their underlying disciplines:

1. Service Delivery.
What services should data centers provide to support the business adequately.
a) IT Financial Management
b) Capacity Management
c) Availability Management
d) IT Continuity Management
e) Service Level Management

2. Service Support.
How does data center ensure that the customer has access to appropriate services.
a) Change Management
b) Release Management
c) Problem Management
d) Incident Management
e) Configuration Management
f) Service Desk

3. Planning to Implement Service Management.
How does the process of switching to ITIL start? It explains the necessary steps to take to investigate how an organization can expect the gain of ITIL.

4. Security Management.

5. ICT Infrastructure Management.
Which processes, organization and tools are needed to get a stable IT and communications infrastructure. This is the basis of the ITIL service management processes.
a) Network service management
b) Operations Management
c) Management of local processors
d) Computer installation and acceptance
e) Systems Management

6. The Business Perspective.
Explains key principles and requirements for business organization and governance and how these relate to the development, delivery and support of IT services.

7. Application Management.
How to control software development and software applications’ lifecycle.

8. Software Asset Management.
How do you control software licenses in relation to processes and CMDB (Configuration Management Database).

Furthermore, ITIL is beneficial in many ways:
– It is wide-ranging.
– It creates a common language. ITIL defines a vocabulary of carefully defined terms, which facilitates communication

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