CRM has profound knowledge about CRM for digital sales and marketing processes B2B.   Customer acquisition can come via web, mobile or phone, but moreover the process has become digital. You still need a decent database system to cover the requirements. Especially, the sales and marketing part is important for the startups. How you acquire and retaing your customers is vital to survival and part of the reasons why companies in general fail after 7 years. We provide assistance from the start of your digital journey and onwards through our partners.

– How many new leads do you need per month? What is your conversion rate?

The systems to use in your digital CRM process may differ, however, you wallet will often decide. We know everything from high to low end; Saleforce, Microsoft CRM, but some are getting quite far with e.g. Mailchimp as their e-mail marketing tool. This even covers tools for GDPR.

We help you with questions like:
– What do you prefer as a sales person?
– What does GDPR tell you about minimum CRM needs?

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