Enterprise Architecture and IT portfolio management

New business architecture is a means of strategic improvement. Many companies associate this with investing in new IT systems. However, this is only part of the truth.

Architecture can be so many things. Everything from city planning, sketches for buildings to IT plans. Business architecture is about the interaction between Process, IT and Data. The way this works together gives the value of an IT investment.

The challenge is to be able to measure this. We make assumptions of how IT works. Some add an overall perspective, for example by procuring an ERP system. Nevertheless, you often forget about the entire business value chain (process model). Again, others only look at the customer-related data in the business and forget about data about the internal processes that give you the true competitive edge.

A comprehensive business architecture can be made in many ways. The subject has more beliefs like so much else. Whether it’s Togaf, Zachmann, Architmate or other ways to describe this.

For the business, it is about setting goals for how process, IT and data are going to work together – and make demands for these, for example. in the form of road map or strategic map.

Beste Praksis AS has long experience from IT portfolio management and supports us on modern modeling tools.

Making demands for process, IT and Data are key words for new business architecture.

Good luck on the journey!

IT governance and security

Our experience and understanding of IT architecture and information security provides you with the necessary tools to initiate improvement in your own business. We have experience from introducing ISO 27001 and information security projects, as well as IT auditing and security self-assesments.

– Have you considered an IT security awareness campaign in your business?

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Business Development and IT

Our digital life shows that IT is more and more integrated into businesses. Chatbots, robots, and business analytics becomes intervowegn, and our expertise needs to be refreshed even in the B2B sphere. We can find the right partners for digital engagement and link everything back to your business development processes.

– Are you familiar with potential to transform your business into a digital enterprise?

We provide assistance with developing sales and marketing strategies, as well as the introduction of new IT systems in support of your business development. We also have operational experience from various CRM and online business successes.

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IT innovations

We are happy to link you up with our partners providing you digital tools for improving these processes with IT:

– Accessibility and use of data / IT (Device Mobility, Big Data, Cloud and Social)

– Application (API) Architecture (Application and Information Architecture)

– Business Critical Applications IT (CRM, ERP and CAD / PLM)

– Process Improvement (BPM, EAM) – Information and Risk Management (Risk and Compliance)

– Strategic Innovation Management (Entrepreneurship Theory and New Venture Management)

– Leadership & Entrepreneurial Support; Special task force for the “lone CEO”

– Strategic management with IT (CIO best practises)

– Tips and Tricks (Hints from Literature and Tools)

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ERP Project and Change Management

New ERP system is a change management effort. It is uncertain business, and we follow risk management theory as well as offer you the service of having done this through a lifetime. New opportunities to follow-up remotely as long as the target is set. This will also reduce cost of ERP implementation.

Our experience are rom:

Global ERP roll-out projects. ERP Projects and program based on a blue print (best practise approach) may be ideal for your multi-site organization. However, yyou may need a more individual approach because of your uniquely different businesses and people / proceses. We have experience from SAP,  Unit4, Trimergo, NAV, Oracle and IFS roll-outs.

Improving workflow between project companies who designs and menufacture products often involves system integration and process integration. We have done a lot of these using misc. CAD/PLM tools. Equally important in this digital age to improve the order-to-procurement processes.

Digital business development involves project with business development and IT as a target. We may implement an improved CRM approach with digital sales & marketing improvement. We do this based on past SME sales and marketing management positions.

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IT strategy and management

IT strategy and management responsibility means to take important crossroad decisions.
– How do you know you have the right information from the market? (e.g. for selecting CAD/PLM, CRM, DMS or ERP systems in the digital information age.)

With IT management and business consulting
 experience from Business and IT management, digital architecture and change programs from SMEs and large organizations,  we give you a unique relational experience. Our main idea is to transfer knowledge about best practise for YOUR company..

– How can you best achieve your business goals with IT-based resources?

We follow a structured methodolgy in everything we do, but try to make it fit to your organization. We want to repeat the customer success for you.

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Marketing your products online

Based on our experience from software development and product positioning, we offer workshop for market plan and product positioning. Your marketing plans must be implemented, and our approach to this includes distribution strategies, as well as SEO based digital marketing.

We have deep knowledge from CAD/PLM, ERP and CRM software products to support your business and your market offering.  Our specialty is to define what essential requirements the market values, and what traits are needed for your products based on customer surveys, interviews, leads generation from email marketing, etc.

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