IT strategy offers IT strategy to support your business for private or public enterprise.  We see everything integrated, digital, traditional IT and your process architecture as a whole.
Your legacy matters, and sometimes make it hard to change. You may need to pilot, experiment for a while, but then it is time to act. We have long experience as CIO for change, meaning we know how you have to be operative as you implement change.

– How about the running enterprise when I change?
(products, services, IP, , development, quality system, customer process, project delivery)

An IT strategy for change may include:
1. Over all digital or IT strategy – incl. information security in the digital age
2. How IT supports your business goals
3. Your IT delivery model
4. Change management principles
5. Operation; ITIL Service maturity, DevOps, Development and Support
6. IT Supply Management; IT procurement; Contract management
7. Cost controlling in IT; Monthly KPI management

Our starting point is IT in support of work processes and which preserves the values ​​of the company. IT security often depends on how to secure data and access to these. It is important that this is rooted in management’s chosen business architecture. If you want a primary focus on IT itself and as a product of the business, it may be appropriate to run dedicated digitalization workshops as an alternative.

We offer IT and digital workshops, be it risk workshops or facilitation of IT security analysis, or develop a complete IT strategy from scratch based on your vision for your business.

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