Are you leader or manager? Chief or role model? Various forms of leadership, organization and ideological development are necessary for modern organizations to function effectively with IT. Whether you have a centralized, decentralized or distributed attitude towards IT, there will be more than tools, service model and organization that is talking about. What attitudes are in the IT department? Which leadership style fits the various challenges? Is there room for new thinking?

BestPractice.no has experience from management of IT organizations, small SMEs, sales and marketing activities and digitalization projects, as well as management in listed companies.

Our experience is based on MBA studies in entrepreneurship, leadership and strategy – different directions and type theories. And not least, acadamy studies of the manager – entrepreneur’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the opportunities and tricks of new businesses. How to use the environment to your advantage?

1. Big Five Theory
2. Servant Leadership
3. Myers-Briggs Type Index
4. The Enneagram

This comes in addition to theories for innovations, entrepreneurship theory and strategy development.

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