ERP Project and Change Management

New ERP system is a change management effort. It is uncertain business, and we follow risk management theory as well as offer you the service of having done this through a lifetime. New opportunities to follow-up remotely as long as the target is set. This will also reduce cost of ERP implementation.

Our experience are rom:

Global ERP roll-out projects. ERP Projects and program based on a blue print (best practise approach) may be ideal for your multi-site organization. However, yyou may need a more individual approach because of your uniquely different businesses and people / proceses. We have experience from SAP,  Unit4, Trimergo, NAV, Oracle and IFS roll-outs.

Improving workflow between project companies who designs and menufacture products often involves system integration and process integration. We have done a lot of these using misc. CAD/PLM tools. Equally important in this digital age to improve the order-to-procurement processes.

Digital business development involves project with business development and IT as a target. We may implement an improved CRM approach with digital sales & marketing improvement. We do this based on past SME sales and marketing management positions.

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