Enterprise Architecture and IT portfolio management

New business architecture is a means of strategic improvement. Many companies associate this with investing in new IT systems. However, this is only part of the truth.

Architecture can be so many things. Everything from city planning, sketches for buildings to IT plans. Business architecture is about the interaction between Process, IT and Data. The way this works together gives the value of an IT investment.

The challenge is to be able to measure this. We make assumptions of how IT works. Some add an overall perspective, for example by procuring an ERP system. Nevertheless, you often forget about the entire business value chain (process model). Again, others only look at the customer-related data in the business and forget about data about the internal processes that give you the true competitive edge.

A comprehensive business architecture can be made in many ways. The subject has more beliefs like so much else. Whether it’s Togaf, Zachmann, Architmate or other ways to describe this.

For the business, it is about setting goals for how process, IT and data are going to work together – and make demands for these, for example. in the form of road map or strategic map.

Beste Praksis AS has long experience from IT portfolio management and supports us on modern modeling tools.

Making demands for process, IT and Data are key words for new business architecture.

Good luck on the journey!